10 Great Educational VR Apps


Virtual reality in edtech is all the rage right now.  It is a great way to take students around the world without ever leaving the classroom.  It also allows students to get actively engaged with their learning. Students can more clearly see what they are learning and easily explore new places and concepts.

While some virtual reality technology is quite expensive, others are more reasonably priced.  Programs like Google Cardboard make cheap VR headsets that make it easy for schools to purchase.  Students are also able to use their own smartphones to download educational VR apps.

Here are 10 great educational VR apps that will gets your students excited about learning:

  1. Star Chart

With this fun VR app, students can learn about constellations by simply looking up at the night sky.  Students will learn all about space, planets, and stars.

2.  Discovery VR

This fun app by the Discovery Channel allows students to explore nature all of the world.  Students can explore exotic lands and interact the earth from their own classroom.

3.  EON Experience

This app has lessons in a variety of subjects, including physics and history.  This app makes it easy for teachers to incorporate VR lessons into the day.

4.  Unimersiv

This app allows students to travel the ancient world.  Students can explore ancient Greece, the Titanic or even the Egyptian Mysteries.

5.  Sites in VR

This app allows students to experience famous landmarks from around the world.  Students can see Islamic temples, tombs, and even ancient cities that they would never otherwise get to see.

6.  InMind

This anatomy app allows students to see realistic neurons and brain tissue.  Students will get to explore how the brain works.

7. Anatomy 4D

This app is great for science classes looking to explore the human body.  Clear and life-like images allows anatomy students to more easily learn how the body works.

8.   Boulevard

This app is perfect for students studying art.  It allows users to visit world renowned art museums complete with famous art.  Students will learn the backgrounds of the artworks and the artists.

9.  Google Translate

Foreign language students will be delighted to use the Google Translate app with VR.  With the app students can watch students speak and then see the translated version of what they are saying right on the screen.

10.  Public Speaking VR

Students can practice their public speaking with this lifelike experience.  Students can prepare for job interviews or class presentations, helping to better prepare them for the real thing.

Story via The Tech Edvocate