3 Cybersecurity Threats Businesses Should be Aware of in 2019

As quickly as you can think it, new cybersecurity threats continue to emerge.  2019 will be no different.  Here are 3 cybersecurity concerns that businesses will need to concern themselves with this year.

AI Threats

AI can be very efficient for businesses.  It can save time and improve production. With Artificial Intelligence, cyber criminals are using evasion techniques to get past security and avoid getting caught. Along with evasion techniques that were popular in 2018 such as botnets and crypto mining, AI-based Malware will become front and center in the New Year and become a real threat to businesses who take advantage of AI.

Cloud Security

Organizations in 2019 need to be concerned about Cloud Security.  With the popularity of cloud-based email and other apps rising, cloud security will need to be a major focus in 2019.  21 percent of all data that is stored in the cloud is sensitive according to McAfee. Criminals are aware of this, and will take any chance they get to exploit this data.

Voice-Controlled Digital Assistants

As voice-controlled assistants being to enter businesses everywhere from banks to retail shops, this new technology presents a new threat.

Cyber criminals understand they have the ability to attack not only IoT devices such as routers or smartphones, but they’ll have the ability to control our homes or offices by controlling voice-controlled assistants. Not only can threats to these devices include DDos attacks or the theft of personal information, but with these connected devices, a cyber criminal may also now have the ability to make a phone call or even open a door.

Story via BizTech Magazine