4 Major Mistakes In Higher Education EdTech


Bringing edtech into higher education can be a great way to attract students to your university.  It can make the lives of students, faculty, and administrators much easier and faster. It can even help get students more engaged with their learning and improve attendance.

However, when edtech is used incorrectly, it can turn students off to your school.  Here are 4 mistakes that higher education administrators often make and how to fix them:

  1. Paper Memos

Using a paper memo system can be a very expensive and time consuming system.  Printing out memos and putting them in teacher mailboxes is inconvenient for both administrative staff and professors.  Sending out updates and memos through email can save your school both time and money.

2.  Tech Without Training

When implementing a new technology at your school, make sure that all administrators and faculty have been trained to use the technology.  It is vital that teachers know how to use any new technology so that they will feel comfortable using it in their classrooms and teaching students how to use the technology.

3.  Tech that Doesn’t Fit

There are so many edtech products available that it is vital for administrators to make sure that they find the right tech for their school.  Administrators should talk with professors to see what types of tech would benefit their classes before making any major decisions.

4.  Not Leading in Tech Implementation

Administrators need to ensure that they are leading by example when it comes to tech implementation.  It is important to maximize technology usage and set the bar high for other faculty and staff members.

Story via The Tech Edvocate