5 Great Apps for School Libraries

Image via appsforschools

Image via appsforschools

Libraries are one of the best sources of information for young students. They can get books, help from libraries, and have a place to study and do homework. With technology all around us, libraries are taking note and becoming tech-savvy. If your school is looking to upgrade their technology game, check out these great apps for libraries.

1. Buffer

Buffer is a way to merge different social media accounts for easier and faster posting. Schools can use Buffer to link many different social media accounts including the school’s Twitter and Facebook, and the library’s Facebook, Instagram, and Google Plus.

The app can be used to type one message that will post to all accounts, or to select the accounts you want to post to.

2. G Suite

Many schools now use automatic bibliography generators, but now you can use things like Google Forms to offer students assistance as they learn to generate their own bibliographies.

Students can submit their bibliographies with a Google Form, and a librarian can review it and send feedback through Google Hangouts or Google Sheets.

3. QR Generator

Ever wanted to put a link straight to the source in your works cited page? Simply input a QR code and you can do just that.

4. issuu

If your library is looking to create a makerspace, then issuu can help a lot. This app creates online flipbooks out of PDFs, which can help organize makerspace materials.

The only downside is while the makerspace has a photo album that students can flip through to help them generate ideas for their next projects, it’s hard for multiple students to access it at once.

5. MackinVIA

MackinVIA can be used to generate assignments for the class, interact online with the class and view their assignments, favorite digital content and add it to the digital backpack, highlight and take notes within the online books which can be saved to Google Drive or OneDrive, and much more.

Using these apps can help the efficiency of any school library, and are definitely worth checking out.

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