5 Ways That Technology Will Enhance Your Classroom


Technology is steadily making its way into classrooms across the country.  With devices like the Google Chromebook and softwares such as DreamBox, ST Math, and Achieve 3000, it is easy for teachers to integrate technology into their curriculum.  Here are 5 ways that technology will enhance your students’ learning experience and change the traditional classroom forever.

1.  Increased Personalization.

New learning softwares are beginning to replace textbooks in the classroom according to Zoe Bernard at Business Insider.  These new technologies allow students to work through the program at their own pace, instead of reading a textbook and learning at the same pace as the other students in the class.

2. Updated Curriculums.

In an age where you can figure out any math problem on a calculator or look up any fact on Google, technology is forcing educators to change not only how they are teaching their students, but also what they are teaching their students.  Schools are beginning to teach students how to become lifelong learners and apply their knowledge to computer-related job skills.

3.  Increased teacher importance.

With more technology in the classroom, it is easier for teachers to find out which students are struggling in the class and what they are struggling with.  This allows educators to give their students a more personalized and valuable learning experience.

4.  Students become more responsible.

When educators understand each students’ strengths and weaknesses, it allows the school to place them in small classrooms with other students who have a similar skill level.  Students then engage more in the classroom and can influence what is taught during the course.

5.  AI learning.

Artificial Intelligence may make its way into the everyday classroom in the next 15 years.  According to Bernard, the U.S. Navy is using an AI tutoring system at an entry-level IT school.  The program monitors each students progress and creates personalized assessments. Students who worked with a digital tutor consistently tested higher than those without the program.

Story via Business Insider