7 Tips to Reduce Internet Distraction

Image via Canindia News

Image via Canindia News

Classrooms are more connected than ever. With BYOD and 1:1 devices always at the school, there are a myriad of ways for children to get distracted on the internet.

While digital tools offer an invaluable learning and engagement boost, schools need solutions that are easy to navigate but still offer rigorous classroom management. To maximize online learning as a catalyst to student growth, teachers need tools and practices that can help reduce distractions, monitor student performance and teach appropriate online behavior.

Here are 7 tips for reducing classroom internet distractions:

  1. Provide students and parents clearly detailed Internet use guidelines.
  2. Use software that does not require installation on student devices.
  3. Generate individual daily, weekly or monthly Internet use reports to help encourage good habits.
  4. Teach students how to access online learning and research tools.
  5. Utilize classroom management systems that allow at-a-glance optics of real-time student Internet activity.
  6. Connect the dots between responsible online and offline behavior … values are the same everywhere.
  7. Implement easy-to-use Ed Tech that allows teachers to manage access from a single point.     

With these steps, it will be easier for teachers to guarantee that students learn how to navigate the internet and focus and collaborate with their peers.

(Story via Education Dive)