A High School Cybersecurity Pipeline


With a shortage of cybersecurity workers across the nation, it is important that students with the aptitude and an interest in the field start training to fill those positions.  However, many K-12 students don’t consider cybersecurity a legitimate career option.

Some colleges have started to work with industry professionals to develop thorough cybersecurity programs, but the implementation process is slow.  This means that openings are not being filled fast enough. In fact there are 43,000 Washington D.C. cybersecurity job openings that are filled very slowly, within 9-12 months.

Now cybersecurity leaders are looking to high schoolers to help fill some of these cybersecurity positions.  They want to identify high school students who have the propensity for cyber work and help train them to take on positions when they graduate.

This will also help get young hackers working for the good guys, hopefully preventing them from turning into cyber criminals.  The hope is to create a cybersecurity pipeline from schools to industry jobs.

Even young adults with very little experience could end up being a good fit for these positions.  They will require company training, but in a few years could become cybersecurity experts.

Story via BizTech