A School on Wheels


STEM is a very important part of a modern education, however many schools worry that they don’t have enough money to invest in STEM learning tools such as makerspaces.  Now schools don’t have to worry about having a STEM classroom on site, because the classroom is coming to them!

These mobile technology buses are made possible by recent innovations in portable technology and connectability.  They are often complete with Cradlepoint access points and portable 3D printers, making them mini design labs.

Kennesaw State University in Georgia created the iTeach MakerBus to serve K-12 students within a 100 mile radius of the college.   The bus is complete with high-end technology such as building sets and high-tech laser cutters. The MakerBus gives students who would not have otherwise had access to the latest and greatest STEM technologies the ability to explore and design in a creative environment.  

Local companies are also pitching in to help create these mobile classrooms.  Goodwin College In Connecticut worked with several state defense contractors to create their mobile classroom.  The bus serves as a mobile lab with 13 workstations, 3D printing, power tools, borescopes and other manufacturing equipment.  The bus gives middle school and high school students the chance to explore potential careers in manufacturing.

These mobile classrooms empower students to explore high tech STEM equipment without schools having to purchase it all themselves.  With these buses starting to appear across the nation, soon every student may have access to the latest design technology.

Story via EdTech