According to a New Report You Have a 50/50 Chance of Recovering your Data if You Pay a Ransom


According to a report released by Cyber Edge Group, when you have been affected by Ransomware, the chances of you recovering your data by paying a ransom is about the same as a coin flip. 

Steve Piper, CEO of Cyber Edge Group states in 2017, “55% of their respondent’s organizations were victimized by Ransomware.  Of those victims that refused to pay the ransom (61%), the vast majority (87%) recovered their data from backups.”  For those who did pay the ransom however, they weren’t so lucky.  Half of those organizations never got their data back, and the other half recognized complete data loss.

The best way to make sure you avoid even being in this type of situation is to simply take precautions to fight against the effects of Ransomware from the start.  Terry Ray, Chief Technology Officer for Imperva states that “The best way to prevent an attack is to immediately detect ransomware file access behaviors before the ransomware spreads across the network and encrypts file servers. Once detected, you can quarantine impacted users, devices and systems”.

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