Bringing AI into Small Businesses


Artificial intelligence is often thought of as a fantasy, belonging to a world filled with robot assistants and flying cars.  However, AI is very real and despite popular belief it has many practical applications that small businesses should be taking advantage of.

You may not realize it but, most small businesses are already using AI in limited ways.  Spam and fraud detection is important to most businesses, and is often built into email and web security software.

AI can be employed for more than just protecting you from computer viruses.  It is a powerful tool that can take tedious everyday tasks and make them efficient.  It can quickly and easily solve problems and streamline work, allowing small business owners to focus on the most important aspects of running their businesses.

AI can be used to gather and analyze data, which is important for businesses looking to better understand their clientele.  Small businesses frequently do not have the time or money needed to have their staff work on data analytics. AI software can provide businesses with important data that can help them better understand their customers.  

David Parmenter at BizTech said that AI gives companies the power to a provide consumers with a personalized shopping experience.  Most consumers already see this with targeted Amazon advertisements on the sides of their webpages. However, personalized content can also be used in small business settings.  Parmenter said that a travel agency could use AI to track “customer preferences, vacation details and spending habits” allowing them to create the perfect vacation for each individual client.

Artificial intelligence is more than a dream, it is legitimate option for small business owners looking to boost their business.  Taking advantage of AI data analytics gives businesses an advantage in the marketplace, makes selling easier for businesses and buying easier for shoppers.

Story via BizTech

Ingrid Schmidt