Chromebooks are the portable solution for your business


Chromebooks allow users to access all of the Google apps and internet services they need.  The devices are also relatively inexpensive and easily maintainable, even for small businesses.

Questar Assessment is an educational testing company that found that the ease and portability of Chromebooks made them a great technology solution.  The company previously relied on notebooks both at their Apple Valley, MN office and at their temporary testing work spaces. However, transporting and maintaining all of the laptops they needed to keep up with the massive school testing demand was difficult.  Switching to Chromebooks made it easy for Questar Assessment to stay on the ball while only using 30% of their notebook budget.

Here are 4 ways that Chromebooks make it easy for businesses to get the most out of their technology:

1.   Simple Maintenance

Chromebooks are notoriously easy to maintain.  Businesses don’t have to worry about patching their networks on a Chromebook.  In fact, Questar Assessment is able to push out updates on all 1,600 of their Chromebooks at once through a Chrome Device Management Console.

2.  Cloud Security

Chromebooks are easier to keep secure than traditional laptops, making it easy for businesses to stay protected against the ever growing threat of a cyber attack.  Chrome OS updates every time the device starts up eliminating the need for a virus protection system. In the case that a Chromebook is lost or stolen, they are easy to wipe since all of their data lives in the cloud.

3.  Easy to Set Up

Chromebooks boot up quickly and make it easy for multiple users to operate on the same device.  Users can log on to the device using their preexisting Google account and access all of the tools they need on Google’s G Suite.

4.  Company Culture

Businesses that are looking for a fast, portable technology solution are starting to see Chromebooks as the way of the future.  Greek U is a San Diego custom apparel company that found that the fast and reliable qualities of the Chromebook fit well with their company’s casual work environment.  

Story via BizTech