Clearing up Cloud Sprawl


The Cloud helps make sharing and collaboration seamless in today’s workplace, and with so many different options and free trials out there it is easy for companies to figure out which service best fits their needs.  However, some companies, especially small businesses, are subscribed to too many different cloud services causing them to suffer from cloud sprawl, according to Mike Grisamore at BizTech Magazine.

Cloud sprawl can become expensive, confusing, and dangerous.  It is difficult for managers to monitor so many different systems, and sensitive company data could end up anywhere.

Getting rid of cloud sprawl can be difficult, but here are 3 steps that Grisamore recommends you take eliminate it in your company.

1.  Figure out all of the services you subscribe to.

Take an inventory of every cloud service your company is using.  Find out which ones are out-of-date, redundant, or unused.

2.  Establish policies for subscribing to new services.

Sometimes businesses will use a service at the request of a single employee, and that employee ends up being the only person using the software.  Make sure there is a policy on integrating new cloud services.

3.  Adopt a Cloud Hub.

A cloud hub is a unified cloud manager that serves as the single entry point for each employee to log in.  This keeps your cloud secured and consolidated.

Story via BizTech Magazine

Ingrid Schmidt