Code your troubles away: How Coding enhances your problem solving skills


Knowing C++, Java, and Ruby can land you a great coding job, but knowing how to code can also help can do more for you than simply getting you a stable job.  Coding helps to change the way you problem solve, making you more efficient in everything you do.

Computational thinking used by coders helps you with skills like sorting, pattern recognition, and abstraction.  Here are 4 amazing ways that computational thinking learned by coding can help you become a better problem solver:

1.  Asking Strong Questions

When programmers are coding for a project, they have to be able to fully understand the client’s needs.  Being able to ask the right questions, and being attentive and observant while talking to stakeholders, allows programmers to create a better product.

2.  Finding Inefficiencies

Coders are trained to find faster, more efficient ways to get their work done.  They want their programs to be efficient and easy to use. However, this is a good business model no matter what your job is.  You should always remember to look for ways to improve your work and make your business more efficient.

3.  Compartmentalization

Coding helps you to see the big picture when looking at a problem.  They have to be able to picture the product and then determine how all of the pieces will fit together to make it work.  It is important for everyone to remember to take a step back, and look at the big picture before diving into a problem.

4.  Learning new things

Coders have to be able to adapt to new technologies and systems.  This is a skill that can benefit everyone throughout their careers.  It is important to learn and utilize new technologies so that the tech world doesn’t leave you behind.

You can practice coding with free online resources such as Codecademy or Khan Academy.  Even 15 minutes per day could help you to think more like a coder and work more efficiently.

Story via Entrepreneur