Content Monitoring in Schools


The internet has enhanced the way students learn in schools across America.  However, the internet is also filled with distractions for students. So, schools turn to content monitoring systems in order to help them control and monitor students’ internet usage.  

The main goal of schools using content monitoring systems is to ensure the safety of students and their personal data.  However, schools that use content blockers are also eligible for federal E-Rate technology discounts which help the schools purchase more edtech.

Many applications provide content and search filtering that blocks specific inappropriate sites.  Administrators receive an alert when students attempt to access inappropriate material. Then administrators can assess the urgency of an alert and meet with the student to discuss the violation.

Schools use these systems to monitor what students are using district technology for.  In fact, most administrators report that using content monitoring technology resulted in fewer policy violations.

Administrators can also monitor both the device usage and district email usage for keywords and phrases that violate policy or suggest imminent danger.  School officials will be notified immediately about phrases that suggest gun use, suicidal thoughts, an interest in pornography, or drug use.

Putnam County School District in Florida saved the lives of several students by using the content monitoring system, GoGuardian.  Using the system, the district was notified of 4 students who made Google searches regarding “how to kill yourself.” The software immediately sent an urgent alert to the dean, assistant principal, and counselor who quickly notified the parents and go the students they help they needed.  One of the students had planned to kill himself in the following few days, meaning that the district’s content monitoring system likely saved his life.

There are so many advantages to using a content monitoring system in schools.  It keeps students focused on their school work and in some cases intervenes in a life or death situation.

Story via EdTech