Creating a Cybersecurity Culture


There is sometimes a disconnect between business leaders and IT leaders.  However, this can be quite problematic for businesses, especially with a growing amount of cyber threats.

Improving communication between business leaders and IT leaders is a vital aspect of keeping your organization secure.  A study by CDW found that 62% of business leaders not in IT positions were extremely confident in their cybersecurity system.  Only 34% of people working in IT were that confident in their cybersecurity.

The main issue is that non IT employees often times see cybersecurity as an IT problem, instead of a company wide problem.  It is important for businesses to create a cybersecurity culture that demands all employees be educated and attentive to cybersecurity concerns.

IT leaders should also be making a conscious effort to inform business leadership about the current cyber risk environment.  When everyone is informed about risks, all employees can make informed decisions online.

In a cybersecurity conversation, IT leaders bring a technical perspective and non-IT leaders bring a business risk management perspective.  When all employees work together, businesses are much better protected.

Story via BizTech