Creative Thinkers make Lifelong Learners


Creativity has become a valuable asset in today’s digital society.  Companies value innovative problem-solving skills and look for employees that can work harmoniously together.

Training students to think creatively in the classroom prepares them to be lifelong learners and problem solvers.  Michael Cohen at eSchool News believes there are 3 main ways to encourage innovative thinking in the classroom.

1.  Exploration is key.

Allow students time to think and explore during the school day.  Cohen recommends dedicating 20% of class time to creative thinking, offering a lunch elective, or establishing a creative innovation course.

2. Focus on long term success.

Take the focus away from perfection.  It is difficult for students to get things done when they are striving for perfection on their first try.  Ask them to get a first draft or prototype done and make changes after receiving constructive feedback.

3. Encourage collaboration.

Allow students to discover their individual talents and passions.  Then have students work together in teams where each person uses their special skill set to contribute to the group’s success.

Story via eSchool News