Cyber Security for Small Business


Some small businesses don’t see cyber attacks as a threat to their company.  However, with the amount of data breaches growing each year, small businesses are just as at risk as large corporations.

Experiencing a data breach could be disastrous for your business.  They can hurt your business’s finances and reputation. If client information is compromised, it could cost you that client’s business and consequently their money.

Making sure that you have a security plan in place is vital to your company’s success.  Here are 4 steps that you can take to secure your small or medium size business:

1.  Identify Weak Points

You should look at your digital infrastructure and identify the weak points in your network.  As small businesses expand, their networks expand, leaving their them vulnerable to threats. Purchasing a security application is a good first step to better protect your network.

2.  Security Training

Many cyber security  issues are a result of human error.  Provide your employees with regular cyber security training.  Teach them the importance of safe password habits and avoiding unsafe downloads.  Implementing a password protocol will help your employees make smart decisions when creating business passwords.

3.  Bring in Outside Help

For growing businesses, it can be difficult to find experts to assist in your cyber security efforts.  Working with an information technology staffing agency allows you to get an expert consult on your cyber security, without having to hire an in-house IT expert.

4.  Stay ahead of the threat

Make sure you are always researching the latest cyber security news.  If you are staying informed about what threats could affect your business, you can take action to prevent those a disaster from happening.

Story via Tripwire

Ingrid Schmidt