Don’t Let Data Breaches Slow Down Your Business


In a world filled with skilled hackers always on the hunt for new data, no business can be guaranteed that they will be safe from a data breach.  However, a data breach doesn’t have to be devastating. With the right plan in place, it can be simple for businesses to recover from an attack.

Organizations should be taking both preventative and emergency planning measures.  Businesses should first look at hardening up their cyber security practices.

Passwords are a major weak link in your business’s cyber security.  Often times employees create passwords that are easily guessable for hackers.  Implementing a 2 part sign in can help to make passwords much more secure. Companies are now starting to use both a password and another form of authentication such as token carried by the employee, a fingerprint scan or a retinal scan.  For companies without the resources to create a 2 part sign in, implementing a strong password policy can keep your business better secured.

Encryption is another great way to help reduce the likelihood of a data breach in your business.  Encrypting files that are in motion can help prevent some attacks. Decryption can help you to detect and protect yourself from data breaches.  Secure Sockets Layer Decryption can detect malicious payloads on your network traffic.

Segmenting can both help keep your data safer and reduce the damage in case a data breach does occur.  Keeping your network segmented means that hackers will not be able to get to all of the files on your network if they break into one segment of the network.

Having a plan in place in case of a data breach can make an enormous difference for your company.  Make sure that your business is prepared to fight and recover from any cyber attack.

Story via BizTech