Edtech Empowers Students


Edtech allows students to work at their own pace and take learning back into their own hands.  Many schools using edtech see great results with their students. However, with more and more edtech released every day, it can be difficult for teachers and administrators to choose the right products for their schools.  Studies have shown that purchasing and implementing unsuccessful edtech can cost schools up to $220 per student.

Edtech that gives K-12 students control over their learning and encourages collaboration in the classroom, are often the most effective.  Tools such as Chromebooks allow students to easily complete research and projects either individually or as part of a team.

Game based learning is another way to increase technology use in the classroom.  Over 40% of high outcome schools reported that they used educational gaming programs in the classroom to get students more engaged with their learning.

Creating a student-centered classroom culture is vital to the success of edtech in K-12 classrooms.  Students prosper when they feel in control of their own learning. Student choice also makes students feel that what they are learning in their classes will transfer outside of the classroom.

Edtech can be used for more than just the typical K-12 subjects like English and Algebra, it is also an effective tool when teaching professional development courses.  It is vital for individuals looking to start a career have strong technology skills. Using edtech in these courses gives students hands on experience with the technology, better preparing them for a job.

Story via EdTech