Electives Engage Students


For many students, attending their elective classes is the best part of the school day.  Electives are not only good for student moral, but they also support student learning and classroom engagement.  They provide students with the opportunity to choose what they are studying which increases effort and performance.

Some argue that electives may take time away from teaching the core, however there are many ways that common core standards can be reinforced during elective classes.  Teachers can have their students annotate readings from their classes to practice their reading skills, or make written and oral presentations to practice communication.

Students are more likely to stay in school when they are offered electives, especially those students who struggle academically.  Electives give students a chance to potentially find a new passion or develop new job skills that will help them in their future careers.

There are many job and life skills that students can learn from taking classes like photography, music appreciation, robotics, and foreign language.  These electives prepare students both for college coursework and for future career endeavors, making students feel their classes are more valuable.

Story via Edutopia