Encouraging Women in STEM


Currently, women only make up 24% of STEM jobs according to the US Department of Commerce.  But now, there is a growing movement to get more girls interested in STEM related fields.

The Ad Council has partnered with large tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Verizon as well as organizations such as Black Girls Code and Girls Who Code to launch their campaign called “She Can STEM.”

The goal of the campaign is to show girls what they can do with a career in STEM.  It provides them with strong female STEM role models.

One ad features Bonnie Ross, the head of Halo Game Studio at Microsoft, talking to a group of young female students.  She explains that she was not a math wiz while she was in school, but that did not stop her from pursuing a career in STEM.  Now Ross gets to build video game worlds for Halo.

Tiera Fletcher, a Structural Engineer at Boeing stars in another ad, talking about her work designing and building rocket parts that may someday take humans to Mars.

The ad campaign launches on Monday on platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and MTV.  “She Can STEM” also has a website with resources for parents, students, and teachers looking to get involved with the movement.

Story via cnet