Exploring Career Options in Kindergarten


Most students don’t start thinking about their future careers until they reach high school.  But now through project based learning, even kindergartners have the chance to explore career options.

At one Illinois school, Superintendent Genevra Walters is incorporating career exploration into her school district starting.  Walter’s system incorporates career centered learning all way from kindergarten to 12th grade. Students in kindergarten first learn about human services careers such as firelighters, police, and teachers. As they progress up through the grade system, students will learn about different types of careers.

Project based learning is incorporated into career studies so that students get a chance to explore their career options in depth.  For example a student studying careers in engineering and design might complete a engineering based project, giving them a better sense of whether or not they would want to pursue that later on in life.

Project based learning has also proven to reduce disciplinary issues, and increase school attendance.  It helps students to develop important social skills like teamwork and collaboration. When students are working together on a regular basis they learn to collaborate and productively debate topics, skills that will be useful to them throughout their lives.

With the help of project based learning, now even kindergartners can pursue their passions!

Story via Edutopia