Finding the Right Device for Your School


It has been proven that edtech enhances a student’s learning experience and as more schools are incorporating tech into their curriculum, it is important that schools get the right devices to power their classrooms.

For elementary school students, it is important to have durable technology that can withstand the use of an energetic kindergartener.  Some schools chose tablets specifically designed for children. However, many of these children’s tablets are slower and only come with specific apps specially designed for kids.

Other schools opt to get a tablet with a protective covering such as a Otterbox.  An Otterbox case keeps devices safe by being water resistant and shockproof.

iPads have also become popular among elementary school teachers because they are easy to use.  Apple products are also less likely to become infected by a virus.

For middle school and high school students a more powerful device is needed to run a wider variety of complex programs.   High school students have more complex classes that may involve coding, video, and photo editing.

Middle schoolers and high schoolers are also less likely to break a device, however, durability is still a major factor for schools.

2-in-1 devices like a Chromebook or Microsoft Surface have become popular in many secondary schools for their powerful processing and portable design.  Some schools turn away from 2-in-1 devices because of their price.

Laptops are a less expensive option and can provide even more processing power.  Laptops are great, especially is students leave the laptops in 1 classroom as opposed to carrying them around to every class.

Story via The Tech Edvocate