Free Summer Camps at Apple Stores

Image via Imgur

Image via Imgur

Apple is inviting kids ages 6 to 12 to visit its retail stores this summer to learn to code, draw, edit videos and more on Mac computers at no cost.

Apple Camps will be their first in-store program and runs from July 10 to July 28. It aims to foster creativity in kids. Over the course of three days, participants will learn to:

-          Make movies in iMovie

-          Create animated characters using the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and add music with GarageBand

-          Learn introductory computer programming and robotics skills through Tynker and Sphero products

Another summer program launched this week, Today at Apple, hosts shorter Kids Hour sessions for parents and kids (ages 6 and up) that teach them similar skills. The “Sphero Maze Challenge” session, for example, teaches participants to code Sphero robots and guide them through various obstacles in a maze.

Registration for Apple Camp is live in the United States, with many camps filling up quickly. Kids Hours are also open for registration.

(Story via THE Journal)