Gaming in the Classroom Gets Students Engaged


On the surface, playing video games in the classroom may not sound like the most productive way to spend class time.  However, many students are passionate about playing video games, which makes it a great tool to get students more excited about learning.

Education based games are already starting to emerge. In 2014 Microsoft purchased the hit building video game, Minecraft.  Microsoft came out with an educational version of the game that encouraged both creative thinking and teamwork.

Recently, Microsoft even released a version of Minecraft that includes chemistry update.  The update allows students to discover what elements make up the objects in the game such as a grass block.  Students can even use the update to make pigs fly with helium.

Even with all of the educational video games available to teachers, you do not need to incorporate actual video games into your classroom in order to bring the gaming spirit to class.  Teachers can use Google programs such as Sites, Forms, and Drawing to create a digital escape room experience. Students can gather clues to answer fun lesson based questions. Students can also get creative with the Google Arts and Culture program that allows them to answer fun quizzes and interactive challenges.

Game style learning makes school more fun for students and teachers alike.  It gets students more involved with their learning and also gives teachers a chance to connect with their students’ passions.

Story via EdTech