Giving Teachers Time to Implement EdTech


Many schools are now encouraging all of their teachers to incorporate edtech in their classrooms.  However, it is important to give teachers the choice of the method of implementation and how much tech they will implement.

Different teachers have different teaching styles and some of those styles fit better with edtech than others.  Here are 3 things to keep in mind when looking at how teachers are choosing to implement tech in their classrooms:

  1. Will the Technology Enhance The Course

It is important to first look at how the edtech will enhance the course.  Make sure that teachers know how the new technology can help them better teach their tech savvy students.  But, if the class is already effective at engaging and holding the interest of its students, then maybe minimal technology usage is best for that course.

2. Address Teacher Concerns

Teacher training is vital when implementing edtech.  Make sure that your teachers fully understand how to use any new technology products.  Question and Answer sessions between teachers, IT, and administrators can help to give teachers a better background on the edtech and how it can be used in their classroom.

3.  A Slow Shift to Technology

Instead of having your teachers switch to a tech led class overnight, give them the option to gradually incorporate more technology in their class as they feel necessary.  Giving teachers that power will help them feel more in control of their class and give them the confidence to add more edtech when the time is right.

Story via Edutopia