Higher Education And EdTech


Professors are always looking for fun new ways to get their students engaged with course materials.  Edtech products can be a great way to get students excited about course content and discussions.

Here are 5 tips for marketing your edtech product to a higher education institution:

  1. Collaboration

Teaching students how to collaborate on projects makes them into better employees and citizens once they graduate.  That means that your edtech app should make it easy for students to work collaboratively.

2.  Effectiveness

Higher Education administrators and faculty will need more than just your word for it that your edtech product is helpful for students.  Be prepared with data to back up your claims of product effectiveness.

3.  Problem Solving

Professors want to use edtech products that improve the way their classroom runs.  Ensure that your edtech product solves a problem in the classroom in order to make higher education administrators and faculty interested in your product.

4.  Feedback

It is valuable to professors to know how well their course materials work.  Providing professors with analytics on student success, such as grade averages, will help them to improve their lessons and assignments.

5.  Tech Support

Professors want to make sure that any issues they have with the product will be resolved quickly and easily.  Having a strong tech support system will increase your chances of winning over university professors.

Story via The Tech Edvocate