How Small Businesses Can Stay Secure Online


For small businesses, cybersecurity can seem overwhelming and expensive.  Small businesses often have to fight against the same security breaches as larger companies, only they have less money and personnel to help resolve the issue.

However, there are ways that small businesses can make fighting security breaches much more manageable.  BizTech recommends outsourcing security to a service provider that can keep track of cybersecurity much more effectively than a small or medium sized businesses’ already overextended IT department.

Outsourcing allows small businesses to benefit from the expertise of a security expert without having one on staff.  Companies can be more confident in the security of their network and focus more on their day-to-day tasks.

It is also recommended that small businesses segment their network.  This helps guard sensitive information from malware such as ransomware.  Network segmentation ensures that if a criminal finds the password to one company login, they cannot hack into the entire network.

Software-defined networking allows a small business to more easily segment their network.  It also makes it easier to monitor the network for security concerns or threats.

Story via BizTech