How to Avoid Issues With Cloud Security


Cloud security is a great option for many companies, but only when implemented correctly.  Businesses have to use careful research and planning when finding a good cloud system for their organization.

Here are 4 common mistakes that your organization should avoid when adopting a cloud security system:

  1. Publishing Sensitive Information

While cloud services can make it simple for businesses to share information, if an employee accidentally shares information publicly, it can be catastrophic for a business.  Take care to understand the access control settings of your new cloud service and check to see if it allows public access. Your business can also use a prompt to verify with the user attempting to publish information that they want to publish publicly.

2.  Unvetted Services

With so many cloud services available, employees can easily find new services and store sensitive information without the necessary vetting.  Make sure to educate your employees on cybersecurity issues and use monitoring approaches to prevent the use of unvetted cloud services.

3.  Weak Encryption

Non secure encryption makes it easy for hackers to access your organization’s sensitive information.  It is important to ensure that your cloud service uses secure encryption protocols. Cloud providers should use secure cipher like AES to ensure strong TLS encryption.  They should also block non secure ciphers.

4.  Poor Incident Response

When going through a cloud provider, incident response can be a tricky subject.  Your organization will need to make sure their contract specifically includes when the cloud service provider will notify you about incidents and when procedures they will follow.

Story via BizTech