How to Protect Your School from Cyberattacks


With so much personal data on file, K-12 institutions have become a frequent target for data breaches.  Hackers can easily get private information about staff, students, and parents and underfunded school districts are not always prepared to combat the attacks.  Harold Reaves at eSchool News recommends that schools invest time and money into cybersecurity by following these 5 steps.

1.  Prepare IT staff.

Make sure the IT department informed about cybersecurity.  Train employees protect sensitive information by keeping IT staff up to date on the later security methods.  Regularly sending them to conferences and workshops focused around digital security helps equip the IT department to effectively thwart online threats.

2.  Set strict policies.

Be stern with students and staff on the usage of the school equipment and equipment.  Monitor usage to ensure the appropriate usage of technology.

3.  Backup important data.

Regularly backup crucial information and store it offline on a separate device.  This protects you from the potentially devastating effects of ransomware.

4.  Plan for potential incidents.

Create a response plan for IT, school staff, and students.  Raining schools to respond to cybercrime can help avert the damage.  There should be also living documents with response proposals available in case of a crisis.

5.  Teach digital literacy.

With over 75% of teachers using technology in the classroom, teaching students how to stay safe online is crucial to keeping sensitive information safe.

Story via eSchool News

Ingrid Schmidt