Is Printed Metal The Future Of Manufacturing?


3D metal printing while amazing, has historically been very expensive and unsafe.  However, Massachusetts company, Desktop Metal is about to revolutionize how we think about 3D printing with their introduction of a 3D metal printing system that is safer, faster, and cheaper than all previous systems.  Loz Blain of New Atlas believes that this 3D metal printer is so powerful that it will go on to compete with traditional mass production.

The company promised that their designs will print metal up to 100 times faster with 20 times cheaper material costs than current laser companies.  There are 2 models of printers the company is focusing on, the studio system and the production system.

The Studio System is for fast, cheap metal prototyping.  The device is safe to have in an office and does not deal with hazardous metal powders or lasers.  The Studio System offers the ease of a standard 3D plastic printer, while giving customers the power to print full metal prototypes right in the office.

The Production System is built for mass manufacturing.  It is built for speed and it can cast or forge products 100 times faster than a laser alternative.  It is predicted that the production system printer will retail at $360,000. Blain believes that with its safe, mostly automated design, this system could alter the way 3D printed metal is seen in the mass market.

Story via New Atlas