IT Talent in Retail


There are more IT jobs in the retail industry than ever before.  Between more online retailers and most every brick and mortar business requiring a website and other digital technologies, the demand for IT workers is currently quite high.

However, it is sometimes difficult for retailers to find strong IT workers that are interested in a career with a retail company.

Retailers looking to entice more IT workers should keep these 4 concepts in mind:

  1. Compensation

It is often necessary for retailers to offer competitive rates in order to find strong IT employees.  The median pay for software developers was $103,560 in 2017 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Sometimes retailers will have to offer more money in order to entice fresh talent.

2.  Flexibility

Often young employees are looking for more than just a high salary.  Consider offering remote work and irregular work hours, as well as time off.

3.  People-Focused Culture

IT professionals are looking for a company that shares their values.  Having a positive and employee focused company culture is very attractive to young IT talent.

4.  Opportunities for Growth

Finally, employees are looking for opportunities to advance their career with your retail company.  In a survey of digitally skilled workers by Capgemini, 74% of respondents said that they were looking for companies that clearly laid out opportunities for them to advance their careers within the company.

Story via BizTech