It’s Time to Redesign Your Classroom


Students spend almost their entire school day learning in classrooms, which means that having a classroom that is conducive to learning is very important to students.  Having a flexible and interactive classroom is vital in the modern age, which may mean that your classroom is in need of an update.

Here are 5 ways to redesign your classroom:

  1. Get your students involved

One of the first steps when looking to redesign your classroom is asking students about what they would like to see in their classrooms.  This way the classroom can better meet their needs.

2.  Think about the classroom experience

When you are planning to redesign your classroom, think about what the learning outcomes are for your students.  Write down what specific needs your redesigned classroom will need to fill and research ways to improve your classroom.

3.  De-prioritize the front of the classroom

In a standard classroom, the projector or board at the front of the class is where students focus most of their attention.  You could opt for an adaptive design where several non-touch flat screen TVs are located around the classroom to promote group work.

4.  Declutter

Your classroom should be fun and aesthetically pleasing, but make sure not to go overboard.  Too much clutter on the wall can be distracting for your students and even cause cognitive overload.  Aim for clean lines and warm colors.

5.  Reduce Teacher Space

Traditionally the teacher reserves about 25% of the space in their classroom for their desk and cabinets.  Moving files and paperwork to the cloud can be a great way to reduce the space taken up by filing cabinets and storage bins.

Story via Edtech