Keep Your Business Thriving with a Digital Transformation


Staying current and innovative is important to every modern business.  Businesses have to constantly battle their competitors and come up with new ways to stay on the top of their game.  Mickey McCarter of BizTech reports that in order to remain successful in the modern age, businesses should consider a digital transformation.

Going through a digital transformation means that your business is preparing itself to grow with the changing marketplace.  According to McCarter, there are 3 main approaches to digital transformation.

1.  IT

Transforming the way IT functions within your company can save both time and money.  Automation of services works well, but if the service malfunctions, IT will have to determine what the problem is and fix it themselves.  Orchestrating your service to heal itself is an important way to lower your IT costs and keep your business up-and-running through what could have been a disaster.

2.  Business Operations

A business operations transformation would help improve your customer’s shopping experience.  As new technologies are released, it is important for companies to decide how and if they should integrate them in order to improve customer satisfaction.  McCarter recommends completing a total cost of ownership assessment to determine if the benefits would outweigh the costs.

3.  Business Model

Transforming your business model allows your business to remain innovative.  Scott Wiest, chief technologist for hybrid IT in North America at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, said that the most successful digital leaders are great innovators.  When your business model is fluid, it becomes easier for your business to recreate itself and stay modern.

Story via BizTech