Keeping Everybody On The Same Page With District-Wide Technology


Technology is a great way to aid student learning and modernize the classroom.  In school districts where technology has not been implemented throughout the district, many teachers find and use their own edtech products.  However, students and parents benefit more when technology is centralized across the district. According to Scott Welch at eSchool News, it not only keeps the district unified, it also keeps student information safer.  Here are the 6 main reasons why district-wide technology is the right choice for your school.

1.  It saves teachers time.

When using their own software, teachers have to enter and keep student data up to date.  They are also in charge of answering student and parent questions about the new technology.  In a district-wide system, there is a leadership team in place to for data entry and to answer technology questions.

2.  No student is left behind.

When 1 teacher is using a special tech solution in their classroom that is not being used across the school, there are many students who never get to benefit from use of that software.  District-wide technology creates more fairness throughout the school as well as preventing students from having to relearn new tools each academic year.

3.  The software is more advanced.

Free online tech solutions are often very basic compared to the more advanced systems that districts can purchase.  The purchased software often works more effectively and has more features available to educators.

4.  It works with the current system.

District-wide tech solutions are connected to the preexisting school databases by the IT department, making it easy for teachers, student, and parents to get information quickly and easily.

5.  It has greater mileage.

District-wide systems last much longer than free online solutions found by individual teachers.  There is no guarantee that a free online system will continue to be available throughout the year.  When signing a contract with a technology vendor, schools are assured that the company is committed and the software will last.

6.  It safeguards schools from legal issues.

Using a free online software can potentially put confidential faculty, student, or parent information at risk.  Using a district-wide program keeps the school safe from possible legal issues and complies with strict regulations such as CIPPA, COPPA, and FERPA.

Story via eSchool News