Keeping Your School Safe From Cryptomining


With the rise of the value of cryptocurrencies, comes a rise in cryptomining.  Unfortunately, schools are often easy targets for cryptocurrency miners looking to make fast money.

Cryptomining has also seen a recent advancement in malware technology making it even easier for criminals to cheat the system.  There are now mining services that can run as JavaScript in your web browser.

Check out these 3 great ways to keep your school safe from cryptomining:

  1. Malware Defence

Malware defense softwares can be helpful when trying to prevent an attack.  However, make sure that you are purchasing a defense system that is able to protect against in-browser attacks.  Schools should also be aware that these attacks are across platforms, so Mac and Linux users are not safe from cryptomining.

2.  Network Protections

Network protections combined with malware defense software keeps your school even better protected.  Network-level protections help to stop the invasion and block the electricity from converting to cash.  Traditionally, Network -Based Intrusion Prevention Systems are used to keep your network safe. However, it is important monitor your network security.  Program your IPS to notify IT of any suspicious activity or potential threats.

3.   DNS Based Protection

Using a DNS-based filtering service can help to block connections to malicious IP addresses.  When used with these other forms of protection, it can help to keep your school better protected from cryptomining.

Story via EdTech