Keeping Your Students Safe Online: The 3 Pillars of Digital Citizenship


With more and more technology becoming available to students both at school and in the home, teaching Digital Citizenship is becoming increasingly important.  The more digitally literate students are, the more likely they are to have positive online experiences.

According to Roger Riddell at Education Drive there are 3 main pillars of digital citizenship to emphasize to students.

1. Stay Safe.

Teach students how to keep private information safe online.  Teach them what to be wary of online, and how to avoid dangerous situations.

2.  Balance your time.

It is important to live a balanced lifestyle and that making sure you spend a portion of your day logged off.  Teach students the importance of interacting with others face-to-face and encourage them to build lasting relationships offline.

3.  Be respectful.

Thinking critically about online content and treating people with respect is a vital part of being a good digital citizen.  Teach your students that their digital footprint is more like a digital “tattoo.” Everything they post online is permanent.  Treating people with respect will ensure that students leave a positive digital footprint that they can be proud of.

Story via Education Drive

Ingrid Schmidt