Lights, Camera, Learning!

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Green screens are normally only found in a television studio.  But soon green screens may be coming to schools as a fun way to get students excited about learning.

With the technology decreasing in price, all schools need are a video camera, a green wall, and an editing software.  Here are 3 great ways to get students engaged with a green screen:

  1. Act out word problems

Many students struggle to understand word problems in math class.  You can bring math to life by having students act out word problems in front of the green screen and then playing back the footage for the class.  It can give them a better understanding of where the numbers come from and how to solve the problem.

2.  Conduct interviews

Having students conduct interviews can be a great way for them to find out more about the subjects they’re learning in class.  They can interview teachers, students, or important people in the community.

3.  Create your own movie

A great way to bring out your students’ creativity is to assign them a topic and challenge them to create a movie about it.  They can collaborate to write a script, gather props and costumes and then shoot their footage in front of the green screen. It could be a creative silly movie, or even an educational movie about the solar system or a historical figure.

Story via The Tech Edvocate