Locked Out of Cheating: The New Google Classroom


Globally, over 30 million students currently use Google Classrooms according to Brian Heater at Techcrunch.  The free online program allows students to take online tests and quizzes can make grading significantly easier for teachers.  However, one of the major downfalls to these online tests is cheating. Students can easily search the answers online when their teacher isn’t looking, defeating the purpose of taking the test in the first place.

However, Google has recently announced a long awaited fix for this problem.  Google Forms Quizzes now lets teachers put a quiz on “locked mode.” This prevents students from opening apps or browsing the internet until all of the answers are complete and the quiz has been submitted.  The new feature gives teachers more control over what happens in the classroom and helps ensure student honesty during testing.

Locked mode isn’t the only recent update to Google Classroom.  The program now includes a Classwork page that allows students and teachers to organize assignments and look ahead at what still needs to be completed.  The new People page allows teachers to easily add students or teachers to their course.

Upgrades to the already popular education app are sure to entice even more teachers and school systems to use the program.  In a school system where so many classrooms are starting to go paperless, Google Classrooms is a great free software that streamlines the process of testing, turning in assignments, and grading.

Story via Techcrunch

Ingrid Schmidt