Matching up Companies with the Right 2-in-1 Device

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2-in-1 laptop usage has been steadily increasing, with shipping rates for detachable tables predicted to increase 11.6% through 2021 according to BizTech.  They are popular for both personal and professional use, and businesses are beginning to see the benefits of upgrading.

The extremely versatile nature of the technology not only gives businesses a chance to sport a stylish new technology, it also allows companies to purchase fewer devices as a whole.  With a 2-in-1 laptop, employees have the power of a laptop or desktop and the convenience of a tablet wrapped into one product, eliminating the need for consumers to buy both devices separately.

However, with so many different brands and styles, it can be difficult for businesses to know what 2-in-1 device will best suit its needs.  There are 2 main types of 2-in-1 devices, the convertible-hybrid laptop and the Detachable-hybrid tablet.

The convertible-hybrid laptop has a folding or clam shell design with a permanent keyboard.  This design offers users the structural stability and familiar feel of typing on a laptop, but can still be used as a tablet by folding back the keyboard.  Convertible-hybrid laptops also have a greater docking capacity not available with a tablet. However, in order to have more laptop type features, the convertible-hybrid laptops have to sacrifice some of the portability of a tablet, and are bulkier because of the battery living in the keyboard.

The convertible-hybrid laptop is recommended for on-the-go business professionals.  The similarities to a laptop make typing and data entry easy, but it can still be used as a tablet when needed.

The detachable-hybrid tablet is designed as a tablet that attached to a keyboard dock.  Users have the ability to type on a keyboard, while still having a lightweight, portable tablet that travels effortlessly.  Some keyboard docks even offer extra battery power and USB ports to further mimic the laptop experience. The drawback to the detachable-hybrid tablet is that when docked, they are very top heavy since the battery lives in the tablet.

The detachable-hybrid tablet is frequently used by workers who spend the majority of their day moving from place to place.  According to BizTech they are often used by delivery drivers, healthcare workers and policemen. The device is portable for quick data entry and lookup, but can be docked if needed for typing.

Story via BizTech