Mobile Technology in the Classroom


Students find using their mobile technology to be fun, whether they are playing games, chatting with friends, or scrolling through social media.  However, phones don’t have to be used simply for fun. Teachers can harness the power of mobile technology to get their students excited about learning.

Successfully using technology in the classroom starts with empowering teachers.  Districts should do more than imply purchase technology or implement bring your own device programs.  They should train their teachers to use the new technology and encourage them to incorporate it in their classroom in a way that makes them comfortable.

Using mobile technology gets students more engaged in their learning.  It gives both teachers and students a chance to take a break from lecture and apply the lessons they have learned.  Using technology makes students feel more in control of their learning and givest them a chance to express themselves in the classroom.

Using more mobile technology in the classroom also cuts down on paper waste.  This not only helps to save the environment, but it also helps to save schools money.  Using more technology allows schools to purchase less paper and ink. It also saves teachers and students the hassle of keeping track of loose papers and handouts.

Edtech allows teachers to track their students’ progress and allows students to work at their own pace.  Students who need more time and attention with a certain topic are less likely to go unnoticed and therefore are more likely to succeed in school with the increased use of technology.

Overall, using mobile technology in the classroom helps make school more fun and convenient for students and teachers alike.  It gets students more engaged and helps teachers keep their classrooms organized and on the right track.

Story via The Tech Edvocate