Modernizing College Networks

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In the modern age, students expect their colleges to be tech savvy, offering them great tech solutions that will make their college experience better.  In fact, 87% of college students said that that a university’s tech affected which schools they applied to.

Creating mobile apps that support college students, eases the transition from high school to college for many students.  Centralized mobile apps helped 85% of students with their college transition and helped 73% of students get involved in campus activities.

However, many students have reported that they still have to log in to several different platforms in order to access information from their university.  According to a survey by Ellucian, 75% of students want colleges to use their data like businesses do, giving them data-driven customization.

The main areas students wanted to see more tech utilized were in career services, financial aid and tuition, course registration, grade tracking, and student life.

Using a centralized app to get access campus information acts as a recruiting tool for new students and it relieves some college stress.

Story via EdTech