Modernizing Local Government Services


With so many businesses and organizations quickly moving into the modern age, many people have grown accustomed to making transactions quickly and easily online.  However, one place that is often still in desperate need of an upgrade is local government organizations.

According to Steve Ressler at Harvard Business Review, there are 5 main ways that local governments can effectively integrate technology into their services

1. Target a Wide Audience.

Aim to get as many users on your website or app as possible.  You can do this by making your app versatile and useful to a wide variety of different people.  For example, create an app where citizens can renew their fishing license, check their voter status, or pay local taxes all on the same app.

2.  Make Everything Cohesive.

Keep your message the same across all platforms both online and offline.  Make sure you are always cross-promoting yourself even if you are just having office receptionists tell callers about the online options available to them.

3.  Make Logins Easy.

Allow users to use the same username and password for multiple services.  Ressler also recommends local organizations creating one app to get information for both your city and surrounding areas.  Talk to other nearby government agencies and share information to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for.

4.  Segment by Location.

Make it easy for citizens to find out what is going on where they live.  For example create a service that reminds residents one week prior to junk pick-up based on their location, making it easy for them to find out when it is happening.

5. Find Community Influencers.

If you can get influential community members to share your message, more people will learn about and try your digital services.

Story via Harvard Business Review

Ingrid Schmidt