Moving to the Hybrid Cloud


With the benefits of both the private and public clouds, businesses everywhere are turning to the hybrid cloud.  In fact, the amount of businesses using the hybrid cloud is expected to double in the next 6 years.

Here are 6 great reasons that the hybrid cloud is taking off:

1.  Speeds up Service

Having all of your data backed up on a physical server takes time.  The process could take weeks, or even months from getting the expense approved to configuring the hardware.  A hybrid cloud service allows you to set up the infrastructure in minutes.

2.  Frees up time

Without the burden of having to deal with an onsite system, IT staff has more time for other projects.  It makes it much easier for the IT department to meet all of the company’s other needs.

3.  Empowers staff

It is easier for employees to collaborate when using the hybrid cloud.  Cloud based collaboration allows staff members to share, and edit any document from anywhere in the world.

4.  Enhances security

The hybrid cloud can greatly enhance your business’s security.  For example, lost laptops can cost businesses a significant amount of money each year.  However, when there is important data saved on the laptop, the company has lost both control of both the physical laptop and the sensitive data on it.  With the hybrid cloud, businesses can recover data off of lost laptops and then wipe any sensitive data from the machine remotely.

5.  Allows for expansion

The hybrid cloud allows your employees to work from anywhere.  This makes it easier for travel, hiring remote employees, or opening a new branch.  

6.  Competitive edge

The hybrid cloud gives smaller businesses the speed and agility of a larger business.  It makes it easy for small and medium sized businesses to level the playing field against their competitors.

Story via BizTech