New Scam Puts User Financials at Risk


A new app testing scam is going around the internet and draining users bank accounts.

The attackers post a “job” online asking for people to test their new app called AirDroid for no more than an hour in exchange for $40-60.  They tell anyone interested that all they need to do in order to get the job is install the app and test it. They even offer to pay participants 50% in advance of the testing.

Once the app is installed users log in using the username: and the password test123.  Before the users “begin testing” the culprits ask the user for a bank to transfer the money to and their card number.

Then the testing beings and users are told to plug in their device and go about their lives which is when the hackers launch the app on their PC.  They connect with the user’s device and access their text messages. The criminals occasionally ask the users to restart the app so that their connection will not timeout.

The criminal will use SMS to transfer the user’s money into their account.  A confirmation code is messaged to the users phone and the criminal will quickly enter it in order to escape the victim's detection.

The fund transfers normally happen regularly in small amounts in hopes that they will go unnoticed by the victim.  They payments go to fake cards and burner laptops.

If you are faced with a “job offer” such as this, remember to remain skeptical and cautious.  These criminals hope to manipulate as many users as possible, so don’t let yourself fall victim to their plan.

Story via Tripwire