New Tool by Adobe Makes Technology More Accessible for Students


Computer Software Giant Adobe recently reported that 74 percent of educators say that jobs that will require someone to use creative thinking are less likely to be replaced by automation in the future.  But with the majority of these educators surveyed saying that today’s curriculum doesn’t spend enough time focusing on problem-solving skills, how can we prepare students to be ready to take on such job in the future?

Adobe’s research on this issue led them to offer “Spark Premium”, a storytelling tool that can help school and universities create visual aids for their students for free, in efforts to boost creative thinking and problem-solving skills.  Adobe also ensured that all of their creative cloud services abide by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule so that students under the age of 13 can access the tools.

With some of the issues educators are facing such as limited time, limited training and outdated testing, Adobe hopes “Spark”, and research they have collected, may inspire changes from policymakers and tech leaders.

Tacy Trowbridge, Global Lead for Adobe’s Education Programs says “Educators, policymakers and industry — technology in particular — need to come together to improve opportunities for students. Creative technologies can help educators teach and nurture critically important soft skills, and policies and curricula need to evolve to complete the equation."

Story via EdTech Magazine