New Year, New Projects


The new school year is rapidly approaching which means that teachers across the country are planning fun and exciting activities for their students.  Project based learning activities would make a great addition to any course schedule. Project based learning helps get students more involved in their learning and challenge them to be innovative and creative.

Here are 4 steps that teachers can take to make it a great year for project based learning activities:

1.  Analyze your current projects.

Take a look at all of the projects you have done in the previous year and decide whether to keep them, adjust them, or get rid of them.  Projects that students loved and gained significant knowledge from can be kept the way they are. Other projects may have been good, but could still use some tweaking.  And unfortunately, some projects may have fallen flat or not worked out the way you had hoped. Decide which projects you should use this coming year and don’t be afraid to get rid of anything sub-par.

2.  Find new projects.

Brainstorm new projects that you want to incorporate into your class.  Doing online research or asking other teachers for advice can be a great way to find new projects or topics that will inspire your students.

3.  Map out the projects.

Make a plan for how your projects will fit into the school year.  Combine the new projects and the old projects into one coherent schedule that will benefit your students.

4.  Do online research.

Make sure you are keeping up on all of the latest education news.  There are many great resources available online for teachers looking to modernize their classroom.  You should also take some time to find out what resources are available in your community and what new edtech programs might make good additions to your class.

Story via Edutopia