Nonprofit Cybersecurity


Much like small businesses, non profit organizations have to be very conscious about their cybersecurity.  Nonprofits deal with large sums of money on a daily basis and are responsible for protecting the sensitive information they collect on their staff and donors.

While some attackers may attempt to hack into the network to find information, other attackers use phishing attacks on donors.  They may impersonate the nonprofit organization and email donors asking for money.

However, most nonprofits tend to be rather small organizations, meaning that many of them do not have the luxury of hiring an IT specialist.  Their small size should not stop nonprofit organizations from taking steps to protect themselves.

Here are 3 great ways to improve your nonprofit’s cybersecurity:

  1. Working with the state

The state can be a great way for non profit organizations to receive information or even financial assistance for their cybersecurity.  There are many grants available to support nonprofits who want to improve their cybersecurity. Nonprofits should also be aware of federal and state regulations.  In the event of a breach, many states require nonprofits to inform those whose personally identifiable information was compromised to inform them.

Nonprofits can also purchase cybersecurity insurance.  In the case of a disaster, insurance can help nonprofits with costs, repairs, and even public relations.

2.  Cybersecurity policy

Nonprofits need to ensure that they have a strong cybersecurity policy in place and that all staff members practice safe online behaviors.  Make sure that your nonprofit has secure password policies in place and employee cyber security training.

Nonprofits should also do regular vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to ensure that their security is constantly improving.  They should also be sure that they have an effective encryption and patch management system in place.

3.  Online resources

There are many online cybersecurity resources that nonprofits can use to better protect themselves.  The Digital Impact Toolkit from provides users with a cybersecurity toolkit and a data policy that will keep them protected.  Google and the National Council of Nonprofits also have cyber security help available Security and tech blogs can keep your nonprofit up to date on the latest cybersecurity information and trends.

Story via BizTech