Preparing College Students for the Workforce


Millions of students attend college each year, hoping that it will prepare them for a good job in the workforce.  However, only 35% of employers are confident that a recent college graduate has what it takes to succeed in at their company.

It is important that students are learning both the hard and soft skills of their business, so some organizations are now working to bridge the gap between corporations and higher education.  

Some businesses are adding new areas of study to certain majors or areas of study.  Google announced that they are partnering with 25 community colleges to offer students an IT Support Professional Certificate.  These students now learn about topics ranging from applied digital skills to IT security and graduate with a certificate to prove it.

Amazon has partnered with Northern Virginia Community College to teach cloud computing.  It will be a part of their information systems technology major, helping better prepare their students for dealing with the cloud in the real world.

Other companies are trying to do more than simply add more classes.  They want to change the way the content is taught to students. The Collaborative Leaders in Academia and Business organization (CoLAB), was created as a way for top digital companies and universities to come up with more effective ways to teach college students.

CoLAB consists of major universities such as Georgetown University, American University, and Johns Hopkins University.  Major corporations like Capital One, Exelon, and JPMorgan work with these universities to enhance their tech programs. The goal is to help teach students job skills that will be useful to their future employers.  It also teaches students about the latest industry technology and the thought-leadership in these companies.

Story via EdTech