Preventing Phishing with Employee Education


Phishing is a major issue for many companies.  Often times, phishing based data breaches are due to human error by an uninformed employee. By combining a cyber security system and regular staff training, your business can help prevent phishing incidents.

It should be your top priority to protect high-value users in your company.  Anyone with access to critical information or company funds will be a prime target for hackers.

Anti-phishing attempts by the cybersecurity team can help block thousands of threats.  The origin of emails should be closely monitored.  If there is no reason for the company to be getting an email from a specific location, it should be flagged.  You should also limit the number of login attempts before a user gets locked out.  Also, users who may have clicked on malicious links, should be re-credentialed.

Domain-Based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) can prevent attacks from reaching employees.  The program deletes forged messages or marks them as spam to stop the recipient from seeing the message.

Anti-phishing training for all employees is a vital part of your cybersecurity.  Encourage employees to limit web browsing and implement tougher whitelisting.  They should also make sure that they are screening all of their incoming mail and reporting anything that seems suspicious. 


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Story via BizTech